Feel Good, Do Good Self-Care Pack


Feeling exhausted from work? Wish you can do something relaxing and fun as you pull yourself out from your busy work schedule? Time to pamper yourself with our ‘Feel Good, Do Good’ Self-Care pack! This pack contains delectable treats that can help you to rejuvenate your mind and senses, making you feel better than before. And we believe that when you feel better, you will do better in your
daily routines!

This self-care pack includes:
– 1 set of Vegetable-tanned Leather Making Kit
– 1 Chunky Cookie (Choice of Red Velvet or White Cranberry)
– 1 sachet of floral tea buds (Choice of Butterfly Pea or Rose)
– 1 Candle in a Jar (Choice of Lavender-scented or lemon-scented)
– 1 tube of Handscrub (Choice of Lavender-scented or Coffee-scrub)