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The MIJ Campaign is a much needed effort that will revitalise the life of individuals with Special Needs of our community for years to come.

The success of The MIJ Campaign requires the unwavering support of our whole community to provide vital funding for academic and student programs, safe inclusive educational play facilities, financial aid, job training support system, The MIJ Fund — and more. The success of our campaign will ensure that MIJ remains an all rounder eco system for the Special Needs community into the foreseeable future. The campaign will also enable us to add significant new funds to MIJ’s endowment, securing MIJs’ future health in an enduring and deeply meaningful way.

Every gift — large and small — counts in The MIJ Campaign. Each one of us can make a difference by joining us in investing in any aspect of the campaign that is personally meaningful to you. Your gift sustains the MIJ of today and makes possible the MIJ of the future.

Together, we can realise the dreams and ambitions of the individuals with Special Needs with the resources they need to succeed at every walks of their life. The time is now! Let’s make The MIJ Campaign a notable success!


Investing in Opportunity, primarily financial aid support, aims to grant any individual with Special Needs regardless of their demographic and socio economic background the chance to attend MIJ and receive the support required in order to seek and gain knowledge in a safe inclusive environment benefitting to their specific capabilities as we prepare them for life in this world.

This commitment is asserted in our ethical obligation to make sure that the
opportunity to attend MIJ regardless of their families’ financial circumstances.

Give an Aid

$1.5 million – Primarily focused on aiding our students’ education and enrichment programmes. Among our students, we have those who come from lower-income families, raised by a single parent, have siblings with special needs and those who were adopted by their direct relatives or adopted parents.

At MIJ, we try to not have a ‘Wrong Door Policy’ especially for those who are really in need. Despite their inability to fulfill their fees, to the best of our ability, we accept and empower them.


A successful client’s overall experience involves more than just face to face interaction with their educators or trainers in order to build a strong bridge when transitioning to the different stages of life.

The MIJ Campaign will propel client success by amalgamating key areas of client life: skills and student development, train to work, inclusivity, and independence.

Programmes :

  • Student Programs and Skills Development
  • Inclusive FOA Experience
  • Job Training Support System
  • Inspiring Work
Student Programs and Skills Development

$700,000 – MIJ Hub seeks to empower our clients, both within classroom and beyond, and we enlist our community in this effort.

The Student Programs and Skills Development will help unlock the full potential of our clients by allowing them to participate and engage in enhancement programmes meant to discover and accelerate growth, provide access and exposure to new unexplored heights, and also to find and compromise their hidden talent.

Designing original, customised programmes with an individualised approach requires much resources and provisions to make it purposeful and impactful qualitatively. With your help — with your generosity — we elevate the very core of who we are as a one stop centre.

Inclusive FOA Experience

$150,000 – Friends of Ashraf’s aims to ideate, develop and organise inclusive interactions through fulfilling and fun social activities between neurotypical youths and youths with learning differences and physical challenges age 17 to 35 years old.

Our goal is to forward a culture of respectful interaction, and a philosophy in which the differences of thought and experience are understood to be sources of personal and communal strength and effectiveness, fulfilling MIJ’s promise.

This will allow our clients to develop the qualities of
confidence and expression and for us, the tools of
collaboration and compromise that will serve our clients well as members of our inclusive community.

Job Training Support System

$400,000 – Job Training Support System represents a radical departure from traditional approaches to preparing students for life after MIJ’s Education.

Through financial aid we provide access to MIJ Education; we support all students for success; and Job Training Support System helps to bridge students to life in the working world.

Through a replica model of work setting, it help our clients
explore interests, build critical skills, and complement their studies with real-world experience in a wide range of fields. These experiences also provide space for experimentation, helping them fine-tune their field of interest in real-time.

Upon securing a spot in one of our partner employers, job
consultants will work closely to ensure maximum fit for our clients in their new working environment during the critical transitional phase.

Inspiring work

$250,000 – Inspiring Work is grounded in MIJs’ mission to empower and be advocates for the Special Needs
community, and takes a developmental approach to working with our clients and the community.

Through professional-taught courses, a speaker series, and other engagement and/or awareness opportunities, Inspiring Work promotes greater agency not only in our clients’ approach to their learning years and a stronger bridge to life upon graduation, employment and beyond but also our community’s understanding and perspective of the important work that we do.


Since we start, MIJ has grown exponentially and has done exceedingly well with relatively little. Financially it has always been a challenge but we need to start doing more with more.

MIJ needs a financial base sufficient to support the full spectrum of Special Needs experience we provide. With more services comes more operational cost. This goal can only be achieved through the generosity and support of our devoted donors and community.

Programmes :

  • Building a home
  • The MIJ Fund
  • Corporate give back challenge
Building a home

$20 million — The purpose of building this fund is to secure in perpetuity financial support for MIJs’ strategic long term goal of building a dedicated home for our Special Needs community.

The MIJ Fund

$1 million – MIJ hub’s annual fund, known as the MIJ Fund,
provides vital support each year for current operations:
educational programmes, financial aid, awareness
campaigns, training to job transition, and more. A gift to the MIJ Fund is a vote of confidence in MIJ and an investment in its future.

Fully dedicated to the present needs of the hub, the MIJ Fund serves as an indispensable addendum to the MIJ campaign. Every individual who would like to make impact giving are welcome to contribute. Every gift made to the MIJ Fund counts — and every gift matters.

Corporate Giveback Challenge

$1 million – This challenge is launched to stimulate new gifts to endowed financial aid. With the support of generous donors match with our corporate donors, the challenge will offer a dollar-for-dollar match.

Leveraging the power of matching funds, this challenge offers donors the opportunity to double their impact, in building lasting impact through their endowment gift, while sustaining critical, annual support through the MIJ Fund.